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Learning rudiments is sometimes a feared task among percussionists.  To keep the learning process fun and simple we have developed the Rudiment Wheel.  The rudiment wheel is essentially a circular index used for referencing rudiments.  It consists of the major standard rudiments that are incorporated into modern day rudimentary percussion.   The Rudiment Wheel will allow you to quickly select rudiments in order to view descriptions, sticking, and multiple examples of how the rudiment can be notated and interpreted.   We have selected several of the common rolls to display both separated and connected variations.  Keep in mind that rudimentary percussion is not universal;  there are many playing styles and techniques that are based solely on preference.   The Rudiment Wheel consists of the following three sub wheels:  the Roll Wheel, the Diddle Wheel and the Flam Wheel.  It is suggested that the rudiments be learned by starting out on the outside wheel at Single Stroke Roll (the most primitive rudiment) while traveling clockwise to the original starting position and then on to the inner wheels.  This is the most efficient learning method and progressively increases difficulty at a steady and manageable pace.   Treat each rudiment as a stepping stone.

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