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Accent Tap 8 Ate 7 Up is a warmup designed as an accent tap exercise that switches from 4/4 to 7/8 time signatures. This warmup progressively doubles the amount of accents per measure every four measures. This is a great warmup that can be used to perfect stick height precision, upstroke and downstroke control, and overall playing technique. Drummer Bot demonstrates this warmup in the video above. The full score can be downloaded from our Level 3 warmups page.

Measures 1 & 2

Accents occur every eight 8th notes.

Measures 3 & 4

Accents occur every seven 8th notes.

Measures 5 & 6

Accents occur every four 8th notes.

Measures 7 & 8

Accents occur every four and three 8th notes.

Measures 9 & 10

Accents occur every two 8th notes.

Measures 11 & 12

Accents occur every two 8th notes as well as one at the end of each measure.

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